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WHI has successfully closed three transactions for us and remained involved with the transactions through the completion of closing to address any problems and to ensure the closings occurred. I have enjoyed working with you and your staff and appreciate their professionalism in working with clients as well as our staff.

Sue Eastman – Westmont Hospitality Group

As I clean up emails related to today’s closing, I am again reminded of your active involvement in every stage of this transaction. I would like to thank you for doing so much to make the deal happen. People often question the value of brokers, but in this case you have truly demonstrated the importance of your role. Evan and I appreciate all of your efforts, and look forward to the possibility of doing business together in the future.

Bill Davidson-DC Hospitality, LLC

We truly value our long-term relationship and cannot commend you enough on your professionalism, thoroughness and commitment to the process. Even after bringing two parties together, you go above and beyond to ensure a timely closing

Jan Keuhnemann – Felcor Lodging Trust